by Jonathon James Smith

These sails are set, but the wind has yet to come
It’s like we’re dead, but without the burial
Come to find I found what I was looking for
and I don’t have it anymore.

I know there is still time to come but sometimes
You would rather have some answers known
For questions that have haunted your thoughts
and paths you’ve chosen to tread upon.

Is there enlightenment on the way?
Can you hear the things they say, revolving in your mind?
Got to find a way to put one foot in front of the other
Accomplish the spark that bloomed behind your eyes.

Many days and many dark nights
Lead to who we are and what will we find?
The embrace our heart held
Was it strong enough to endure?
You find the truth, and the heart gets stronger as you go.

Daydreams catch up when you sleep
Morning haze steals what you’ve seen
From a mind-elaborated serenity cease
of stirred thought, unravelled peace, forgotten things, put off for weeks
It’s endless; open your eyes, what does it mean?

The anticipation is killing me, is anticipation killing us?
For what we sought and what we seek
Turn a page, turn a leaf
Shake this sunken feeling, be free, you can breathe.



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