Casual Thought

By A.Page


Today I sat down to the newspaper [The Akron Beacon Journal] and began to scan over it.  Certain articles seemed to draw more of my attention– These articles primarily concerning Beasley’s case, the deficit, fracking, Colorado’s gun bill, and the a few segments under the “Voice of the People” section in the Akron Beacon Journal.  The common psychology behind nearly all of the cases: “What will the government do?”

From rape to gender identity more and more seems to rising to the hands of the government, and by who [we ask]? Well… The people themselves.  The sub-generation of nineteen to twenty-five year olds holds an almost conspirator-like rate of people who are convinced the government is one large conspiracy. Young adults from one side of the nation to the other and jumping at the chance to become involved, and moreover raising their voices to ail whichever cause.  At a glance, this can be refreshing.  However, the over-active vocal chords may [in my opinion]  be a cause, not the sole cause, to this rise of governmental control.  As more citizens step for an answer, they question the court, which of course leads… To the government being involved.

Where there are people , there are opinions, but where [may I ask] is the line drawn?  Though I believe equal opportunity should be displayed to all peoples, where should the line be drawn?  To propose a law to “declare” anything from transgender bathroom use, to the amount of pets that can be owned is ridiculous.  But is it the voice of the people who took it to the very extreme we seem to be fighting against?


What I am trying to get at is…


Though any issue can be empowering, concerning, or worth the dedication I believe that as peoples we should reach to the people, rather than the government.  The government works for and against us all, but most importantly for the reason that we are people who desire unity, a system, a cycle.  The government makes decisions based on the premeditated response of peoples [nationally and internationally], and what they have come to believe “is”. Change and inform the people, before insisting on any legislation.


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