In The Aquarium – A.Page

For quite some time the aquarium had captured the Kid’s interests.  The vast eyes of the largest fish always seemed a tab observant for such a simple creature.   When at last he had come into a moment of privacy with the fish he prodded close to the tank, casting his eyes in line with the fish’s eyes.  The beast denied him a moment of contact, and began to shoot down his chances.

After several minutes worth of attempts the beast had come to a point of anger and shot back his glance at the Kid.  The beast’s demanding eyes became of a human nature, and chilled the Kid inwardly.  The paranoia entered him in such a way that the thoughts of the other fish growing to the beast’s girth shook him beyond rational thought.  Kid is always bothered by perspective in odd ways.

With time he did break way, for once the Kid’s mother came to feed the beast, the beast broke their deadlock in an act of hunger.  Kid followed his mother to the kitchen table and did the same.


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