Born Broken by Matthew Davenport


I’ve watched you rip up those arms, those wrists
Asking yourself again, and again, why you exist
I’ve watched you succumb, to this deadly addiction
Bowing with grace, to your demonic affliction
You’ll shoot up anything, as long as you’re high
You say it calms you, you reach for the sky
But when you come down, the room is bare
Everyone’s left you, we no longer care
See we love you so much, we’ll spare ourselves pain
We just can’t watch you die, over and over again
Every damn time, you stick that needle inside
There’s a piece of us all, that’s already died
You’re blind, stupid, but I know you’re lost
You don’t consider the feelings, the pain, or the cost
Look in my eyes, oh what a surprise
They’re wet with my tears, my only allies
I just want you, I’m asking for cleaning
Dispsense your soul, give your life meaning
Please don’t let that baby inside you
Grow up wondering why I must hide you
You must see this coming, a mother you’re not
When your life revolves, around the next shot
I wrote this for you, this letter I gave
Your son stands beside me, at his own mother’s grave


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