Lecha Lecha By Michael Vimont

The conditions of success are defined as a set,

between point five and one, and failure the rest.


You must wager, you have no choice


Go forth young man! And die with the world!

Come you out from among these, and into the whirl.


Why don’t you laugh?

Why don’t you laugh?


When Inanna descended to the underworld,

she was hung by a stake, how her toes curled!


Shall I be a Dumuzi, dragged into hell,

so the Eternal may rest, Your foot on my skull?


Lo mechekimah shelit al-zeh


When Avram to Egypt descended in rung,

he knew from the highest he would be hung.


Wise men are drawn to the house of mourning,

To flee from all evils under the sun. 



Michael Vimont studied Anthropology at the University of Akron before making his leap to Oxford University where he now studies Social Anthropology.  He is well versed in literature, analysis, and several different languages including French and Classical Hebrew.


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