Living in the Shadow of Two Towers by Michael Lucas

Living in the shadow of two towers

One of apathy

One of failure

Who will drive the planes?

Into these towers

To let a big burning cloud

Of suicide homicide and hate

Explode!!! To illuminate

The fact that I was the one who helped build each tower

And let them devour the sun

Surrendering myself to apathy and failure is where the source had begun

Now there is nowhere to run

I stand trapped in the shadows of the towers like a hostage to a gun

Under aggravation and agitation

I burn and piss on the roots of this nation!

I refuse to surrender to the sea of apathy

No bullshit ballot or piss petition to control me

Nor shall I bow to failure for even in death my soul is kerosene to bur the fucking machine

Don’t you see your nation…

Won’t live forever but revolution cycles through reincarnation

Yes! The rage I feel is blind

But it is mine

It is mine

It is mine

It is mine


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