Selected Poems by Sean Swain

“On The McCain Attack Ad Linking Obama To Bill Ayers,

Former Leader Of The Weather Underground, Who Once

Detonated A Bomb In The Capitol Building.” By Sean Swain 

Bill Ayers was wrong for making a bomb,

Or so says John McCain,

Because women and children Bill never killed

Dropping it from a plane.

“The Wretched Of The Earth” By Sean Swain

I was born in freedom’s graveyard

‘neath a tombstone where my name scarred

The edifice, stone cold and bone hard,

Wrapped was I in burning flag.

An empty stomach, angry, held tight,

Another fist to clutch the long night

Another hand fixed ‘twixt the gun sight

Just one more toe to tag.

Raised by ashes in the dirt and dust

Cutting teeth then flesh on rust

They come to teach me what is just—

The oppressors’ fists to kiss me.

And when I taste that awful wrath

Kicked down that darkly chosen path

I’ll see it boils down to math—

How many I take with me.


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