The Irony Of…. By Michael Lucas

The irony of your Obama peace sign bumper sticker on your “eco-friendly” SUV is enough to ruin my fucking morning

The cries of  a martyr’s mother

Is a requiem that haunts every nation

The explosions of falling bombs

Illuminating images of hopeless helpless

Hands holding candles

At the funeral marches

Of the victims of the drones

In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran

Each attack in the lands of sand

Burns the  conciseness deep

As the embers from the crosses left by the KKKlan

And no politician


Of those mindless clones

Will even budge to fucking apologize

In their soulless stoic tone

*dedicated to all who were martyred for the lies of glorious war, and obviously specifically dedicated to the victims of drone strikes. I hope this makes my liberal friends think about their “lesser evil”.


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