A Book Trade by Tyler Bohinc

I won’t edit this.

I’m writing this as a new post.

Whatever else it may be.

I’m writing it.


Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed.

Even when it’s 2 in the afternoon, I’m late for work, and I’ve been running circles around my dreams.

Sometimes I want to give up.

After I’ve already given up everything else and all I have left is chewed up fingernails and unwashed hair.

Sometimes it’s okay to write everything down, look at it, and throw it away.

Sometimes I never write.

Sometimes I forget about birthdays

and plans.


But I will trade in all of my books for some bottled up raindrops from August 16th, 2003.

I will carry all of my weight with my words scratched into my skin

so that you can see four sleepless nights of editing my memories.

To patch up the empty parts.

To sing a little louder sometimes.


Give me Hemingway

I’ll give you Butson


Give me Orwell

I’ll give you Angelou


Give me whatever I need to push words into my skin and force focus upon my fingertips again.

Give me a pen run dry, sitting silently on my ribs so that when my heart beats fast, I can feel the weight of an empty promise.

Give me a black eye


I need to feel the words

I need to trade them in for bullet holes

I want more than edgy plot twists

I want all you’ve ever been.

And to write it all down.






Tyler Bohinc is an avid-writer and student of The University Of Akron.  He has been writing from a young age and shows countless displays of inspiration in his writing.  He believes words truly have the ability to change the future.


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