Let’s switch bodies for a second… By Kenneth Lee Averiett


Can I hijack your body? It’ll only take a sec…

Alright, picture this.

You’re me, & I’m you. I’m reading, & you’re writing. You’re on the bus. The #1. You’re typing an email on your new cell phone that you’re not entirely keen on using, writing in a green notebook, & I’m…well…wherever you are.


So you’re chillin’ next to a portly old woman as streams of color & motion that is downtown Akron’s lunch hour whoosh by the window. You gaze out onto the street: cars, dots of people walking by, the faint, dreary vibe of February, & piles of snow. You muse over your green notebook when a noise with the accompanying scent of something sweet calls you out of your daze.

A voice. Then a laugh. A bright, pleasant laugh. Sexy. Female. And that sexy female voice is speaking Spanish.

You glance over your notebook & your eyes meet a dark haired, Latin beauty with bronze skin chatting amiably on her cell phone. Your eyes lock. You smile. She smiles.

You take note of this.

“She’s on her cell phone dude.” You remind yourself. “No need to say hi or anything yet. Just chill.”

Your cool with that.

You go back to staring out the window, watching. But now, you can’t muse. You can’t concentrate. You look up again, & meet eyes once more…

“Smile with your eyes.” Your dumb, awkward, male brain tells your face. She smiles back, & accompanies that smile with a subtle blink of the eyes & a paced, alluring wave. You wave back..

Now you know what you must do, as a man. As a man with genuine integrity. You have to approach this girl. The outcome is irrelevant, the chance your taking is necessary. You know this. You understand this. You will live by this.

Okay, now you can relax. You start reading again…

& typing…

& reading…

& writing…

& typing…

You’re in the zone. You temporarily forget about this impossibly exquisite human being that’s seated right in front of you, & her mellifluous Spanish just becomes white noise.

Eventually, you take in your surroundings again. You went from being in the zone, to zoning out. But something’s changed. Somethings missing. Before you realize what it is, you notice this lovely person causally walk by the window.

“No, she’s leaving!”

You’re body jerks upright, but that voice conditioned by social standards, & tempered by shame, rings through your senses…”No dude, if you try now, it’ll just be creepy.”

You sit back & try to relax in the tensest manner. You try to get lost in your work, but now your focus is shot.

You know why. You understand why, but will you act on it?

You are literally on the edge of your seat. Go or not go? Go, or stay…& sit…& wonder…& sulk.

A thought blossoms, & the awareness that it uncovers put’s a wide, burning sensation in your chest…

“This isn’t about her. This is about you. This isn’t about her. This is about you…”

You know when you step to that girl, whether it goes well or completely backfires has everything to do with you, & nothing to do with her. What you are expressing is what you know is right. What you feel is honest & genuine. Just the fact that this act exists in the world is enough.

You’re up & out of your seat before the meaning of any of those words even register. This is your call to action. The mantra of your integrity. You start pushing through the throngs of the disenfranchised patrons of public transport. They all seem to know what’s going on, & they all decide to let you know about it with one biting, cynical remark after another…


These words move you forward. You have ten seconds before your legs will carry you to put yourself on the line. This is enough time to grasp the full meaning of that sentence.


…is enough for you to never sit back, to try & relax. This alleviates you of all shame, guilt, or self hate of being a man. Being you.

This is you shining.

This is you inspired.

This is you dictating the terms of your own fate.

As you jog up to her, you feel lighter & lighter. The strict, heavy chains of social anxiety are falling off of your body. By the time you reach her, by the time you’ve grasped the full meaning of…

“This isn’t about her! This is about you!”

…winning isn’t even a question now. The moment you catch her attention, she’ll know exactly who you are. She can peer into your soul, & see your inner strength. She can see that you are a man that isn’t afraid to express himself, to go after what he want’s, to put himself on the line.

When she see’s that, you win every time.

This is a true story, except it happened to me.

Stop reading your story, & go write it.

Take a moment to realize your potential.


2 thoughts on “Let’s switch bodies for a second… By Kenneth Lee Averiett”

  1. Ok, so it’s not about her, I can appreciate that. But I’m ever curious…what happened next?! 🙂

    1. Haha, well, she wasn’t freaked out, which is a feat in itself. We ended up getting coffee, & she ended up telling me she was married. A part two of this would’ve been dressed in sheer mediocrity.

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