The Good Hippie Volume 1 by Katie Wies

For what do you live for? The quick satisfaction of a fuck?  Or the short length of the artificial high?

What does that mean?  Who will you become?

What will your impact have on the next generation or the next 100 years from now!?

Think about it.  Art, drugs, sex… dead end, masks of reality.  None of these things are overtly wrong, evil, or immoral in any way.  it is what our actions that have turned these beautiful gifts into; Dead ends!  Our actions that defile a gift from God.  Our actions that throw away any form of respect and achievement to be gained from self-control and dignity.

What has turned beauty into the quick tricks of low lives?

I see so much potential in these people!

I live in a community of lovers and believers, yet I only see pain and false action.   A reaction–to what each past unfolds.  A reaction to volatile action and reaction- A cycle! Of pain.  A cycle of sex, drugs, and art.  Art being expression, drugs being impairment, and sex being true love.  Expression, impairment, and love, why must we defile them?  Victimization.


I deserve something…me…I…want….need…NOW!!!  The indulgent lifestyle I have come to know as the free love culture.   Something that in my opinion, has corrupted a very positive image of stillness, compassion, and community.  Will we ever stop ruining what is meant to fulfill a renewable life source within our very souls?

Will we ever stop running the opposite direction of the very message we claim to live by?  I fucking hope so….Stay Tuned.


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