Masterpiece by ANONYMOUS

Prigov stalin detail final_3

Beauty itself cannot be created. It is the semblance of potential that reaches out to a mother and extends to us The Hand of Life.

Along with such a blessing, arises a responsibility: Self-actualization. A mother must posses the conviction to realize herself, her capabilities, and the dedication necessary to care entirely for life: The Star of Potential.

Within paper-thin walls, The Mother conceives a child and if given the gift of divine connection. Envisioning purpose, hope, the future… The best path possible. Not for herself. For the child.


I found out about you five days ago.  I had a feeling, literally and figuratively.  I know how you got here.  I suppose you were invited.  Well, not exactly.

Like there was a big sign that said “do not enter” with cement boulder blocking the door-way, even though the door was wide open: perhaps even removed from the hinges.

I love you.  I love your other half which helped in the design process.  I love him more than I am permitted.

I kept my last creation of this kind.

The difference… I’ve never loved a co-creator the way I love yours.

Yet I could marvel at my previous creation without a second of hesitation.

It may sound selfish but I prefer honesty… I know this masterpiece we have created through countless creative differences holds majestic wisdom and beauty than any of its kind.  I will never destroy, erase, or throw you away.

I made the decision to have two perfect beings take you home and build the perfect life for you.  The selection will not be an easy one, nor will it be made without investigation.  Your bold and mysterious nature is far too much for my walls.

You are my masterpiece and you are going to change the world.  I will visit you every moment I can.  I will allow loving arms to hold you, as long as it is agreed that they send me a photo every time the sun shines through your brilliance at a different angle.

I was someone’s masterpiece as well.  I went through the same things you will.  The only difference… I will never stop marveling at your everlasting beauty.   I made you, I love you.

You weren’t meant for me, you were created for someone else.




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