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Articles written on lifestyle, current event, or hobby that aim more towards a reinvention of the self.

The Good Hippie Volume 1 by Katie Wies

For what do you live for? The quick satisfaction of a fuck?  Or the short length of the artificial high?

What does that mean?  Who will you become?

What will your impact have on the next generation or the next 100 years from now!?

Think about it.  Art, drugs, sex… dead end, masks of reality.  None of these things are overtly wrong, evil, or immoral in any way.  it is what our actions that have turned these beautiful gifts into; Dead ends!  Our actions that defile a gift from God.  Our actions that throw away any form of respect and achievement to be gained from self-control and dignity.

What has turned beauty into the quick tricks of low lives?

I see so much potential in these people!

I live in a community of lovers and believers, yet I only see pain and false action.   A reaction–to what each past unfolds.  A reaction to volatile action and reaction- A cycle! Of pain.  A cycle of sex, drugs, and art.  Art being expression, drugs being impairment, and sex being true love.  Expression, impairment, and love, why must we defile them?  Victimization.


I deserve something…me…I…want….need…NOW!!!  The indulgent lifestyle I have come to know as the free love culture.   Something that in my opinion, has corrupted a very positive image of stillness, compassion, and community.  Will we ever stop ruining what is meant to fulfill a renewable life source within our very souls?

Will we ever stop running the opposite direction of the very message we claim to live by?  I fucking hope so….Stay Tuned.


Samizdat [самиздат] &A Closing Thought by A.Page

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The last true art form is that of the written word.  When all is silenced, that which is naturally silent prevails.  Language is the force that binds us together.  Not only do we use this medium to interact with our nation, but as a platform to communicate and expand throughout the world, touching many cultures and human beings in just a few words.  Combining these two elements is a key step in forming a universal awareness, equipped with a set of sympathies for those we can’t ‘understand’.

It is by this empathy and desire to expand that when one is heard, another will struggle to understand.

When The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics rose in 1922, nearly 85% of the population was illiterate.  It soon became the government’s mission to educate the people.  In fact, anyone who could read or write was immediately hired as a teacher.  Khrushchev pushed accessibility, making it clear that education was essential to their society.  Shortly after this period, a newly educated people were ready to rise against an oppressive government.

Post-Stalin era, Samizdat [самиздат] began circulating and reproducing forbidden texts using grassroots methods.  Friends and colleagues alike spent hours with carbon paper copying the content by whatever means available: by hand or by typewriter.  Eventually as success and likeness came about other methods were introduced.  These copies were hidden in plain sight.  Passed on from a friend, hidden inside accepted literature, or even just strewn about.  Even the one thing intended in language (understanding) was lost and soon numerous typos, nondescript covers, and partial copies became common among the 200,000 readers across several nations.

Their brand of literature infiltrated the Soviet government, its peoples, and many other nations oppressed by police states.  Each circulation, release, and essay became a prized part of clandestine act.

The message was rounded, observing the many different religious and cultural paths of The Union. Samizdat [самиздат] stands today in history as an essential group of political and social dissidents that helped reform the oppression of The Soviet Union.

As we stand before challenging events and are slammed with propaganda, whether it be from Russia, Syria, North Korea, or even The United States: Take the time to think.  What are you reading in the news?  Do the things you read lead you to assume a tone towards those people?  Did stereotypes enforce your speech?  Your opinion?

The conflicts of today are within government buildings, the riots they ensue are simply an adverse reaction to medication.

Do not let any opinion lead you to form a generalization.  No two people are the same, regardless of geographic location.

Samizdat [самиздат] is symbol of this acceptance. Publishing things you (as a single unit) may not agree with and treating them with respect in order to educate the people, to help them understand one another.  To represent each person as they are- a person!

Go forth and communicate!



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‘Armed Mutiny’ by Annie Benson

In this day and age it is very easy to only see what is going on outside one’s front door. Unfortunately, this is a world inhabited by billions of front doors. Ukraine has been a hot spot for news in some circles, but not in all circles, and that raises some cause for concern. Everyone knows about the riots, but how did they begin? Here is the back story. The name you should know, the name that has been cursed by every Ukrainian protester: Viktor F. Yanukovich.

He has been the president of Ukraine for the last four or so years. He is from the Eastern, Russian-speaking part of Ukraine, in Yenakiieve. Despite his Russian influenced upbringing, he has sought for a middle ground between the western part of Europe and his Russian neighbors. His intention in January 2013 was to integrate Ukraine with the European Union with political and trade agreements, while also joining Russia’s Customs Union. In March 2013, when Yanukovych published a decree telling the government to prepare to sign the agreements, it was perceived that was still his intention. This is why in November, when the President refused to move forward on the agreements with the EU, protests erupted in Ukraine.

The Ukraine is still behind the Western world, but to Russia, Ukrainian territory is quite an asset. Russia’s Black Sea Naval Fleet is located in Ukraine; Along with crucial pipelines that carry their natural gas to other parts of Europe. Ukraine heavily relies on this neighbor country for business and trade: A western ally this close to home was extremely threatening to Russia. They pressured Yanukovych heavily not to sign the agreements.

In the beginning, the protests were calm and lighthearted. In the words of New York Times journalist David M. Herszenhorn: “Ukraine has been known to be a ‘Peaceful Pluralistic Society'”. In December the protests seemed to calm down. Yanukovych spoke about his recovered intentions of signing the agreement with the EU, but simultaneously accepted a hushed 15 billion dollar bailout from Russia along with large natural gas discounts. In mid-January the government issued amnesty to the arrested protesters if the occupation ended, but only days later the Ukrainian Parliament signed extremely harsh anti-protest laws which included illegalization of any ‘slander’ of the government. This ‘slander’ included any opposition to government at all. It also illegalized the use of helmets or bullhorns,as well as any grouping of five cars or more. The editor of the Kyiv Post, Katya Gorchinskaya said “Welcome to the new police state. We call it Little Russia.” The protesters demanded immediate amnesty, the resignation of Yanukovych, and a new constitution. Independence Square remained occupied. On February 18th the Parliament speaker rejected all of the changes the protesters wanted and sparked violent opposition in Kiev leaving many dead. February 20th was the bloodiest day for the protest thus far, snipers blending in as protesters and police ruthlessly firing at the people without restraint. At least 88 people are dead and hundreds wounded in Independence Square. In recent days things have been moving incredibly fast. President Yanukovych was ousted out of office. Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his government resigned from office. Protesters were optimistic until recent reports of Russian occupation.

Many protesters fear that Yanukovych was just a face to the atrocity and that he was just a puppet to the larger empire, Mother Russia. Their fears may be correct, but Russia had denied any involvement in the occupation of Sevastopol Airport and Simferopol Airport. Yanukovych went missing after he was asked to resign but has recently resurfaced in Russia. Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on his Facebook page “I consider what has happened to be an armed invasion and occupation in violation with all international agreements and norms”.  Many of the places said to be occupied by Russia are proudly flying Russian flags, but Russia still denied any involvement.

Days ago, President Barack Obama gave a speech on Ukraine that basically warns Russia. He says: “The Ukranian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. Any violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interest of Ukraine, Russia, or Europe.” Those are incredibly powerful, if not threatening words. To destabilize means to undermine or subvert so as to cause unrest or collapse, which perfectly explains what Russia has been doing. He then goes on to target Russia specifically saying “Just days after the world came to Russia for the Olympic games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world”.

That did not scare Russia. In-fact today, March 1st, Putin said “In connection with the extraordinary situation in Ukraine, the threat to the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation, our compatriots, and the personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on Ukrainian territory (in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) … I submit a proposal on using the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine until the normalization of the socio-political situation in the that country.” Russian Parliament has also hinted it will ask Putin to remove Moscow’s ambassador from the United States. The pro-Russian invaders have used force to take over Crimea (a mostly Russian-speaking province), and the Ukrainian flag has been replaced by a Russian one in Kharkiv.

New riots have emerged in Crimea and other primarily Russian-speaking provinces in Ukraine. These are led by pro-occupation protesters and they are waging a deadly battle against pro-Ukraine protesters. Taras Denysenko in Kiev tweeted earlier today “Is it safe to say we are now at war with Russia?” The UN has held an emergency meeting in New York today: No reports have been made yet of their plans to intervene.

“Sound Of My Prison.” By Jason Campell


The sounds of my prison

Are making me crazy, this I know for certain

No, Ifs’, Ands, or Maybe’s

The slamming doors and the jingling keys

Compete in my mind for space with men’s screams.

For days on end I wish for not

But silence and peace,

Receiving instead, fires, floods

And alarms that never cease.

I have seen streams of blood and tears

On the faces of prisoners,

And know none have fathomed

The prayers they make as petitioners.

This blood and tears of which I speak?

Know that they are placed there,

By corrupt politicians, judges, and guards

By whom prisoners are beat.

Many are seen as weak

But soon enough their corrupt system

Will become curdled and sour.

Already upon us the signs do appear

In the strengths of unrest

And the search for justice that are here. Persecution, prosecution, and execution

May be the current order of the day,

But one day soon, we as a people

Will have to rise and say:

“Enough is enough; I will take no more,

Put an end to degradations

And lift up the poor!”

On that day we will become united

And they will fear

For united we stand

And their power is sheared.

Now, I know that I am a prisoner

For my prison is made of stone and steel

Yet even if you are not incarcerated

A prisoner you maybe, if my pain you feel.

If disillusioned, fed-up

And down trodden you be,

Then look and listen to the sounds around you

And you prison you shall see.

So…The sounds of my prison

May weaken my mind,

But be assured, that in my heart

My strength I will find!

For in my heart;

I find my will;

My strength to persevere

They can never kill!

Selected Poems by Sean Swain

“On The McCain Attack Ad Linking Obama To Bill Ayers,

Former Leader Of The Weather Underground, Who Once

Detonated A Bomb In The Capitol Building.” By Sean Swain 

Bill Ayers was wrong for making a bomb,

Or so says John McCain,

Because women and children Bill never killed

Dropping it from a plane.

“The Wretched Of The Earth” By Sean Swain

I was born in freedom’s graveyard

‘neath a tombstone where my name scarred

The edifice, stone cold and bone hard,

Wrapped was I in burning flag.

An empty stomach, angry, held tight,

Another fist to clutch the long night

Another hand fixed ‘twixt the gun sight

Just one more toe to tag.

Raised by ashes in the dirt and dust

Cutting teeth then flesh on rust

They come to teach me what is just—

The oppressors’ fists to kiss me.

And when I taste that awful wrath

Kicked down that darkly chosen path

I’ll see it boils down to math—

How many I take with me.

Living in the Shadow of Two Towers by Michael Lucas

Living in the shadow of two towers

One of apathy

One of failure

Who will drive the planes?

Into these towers

To let a big burning cloud

Of suicide homicide and hate

Explode!!! To illuminate

The fact that I was the one who helped build each tower

And let them devour the sun

Surrendering myself to apathy and failure is where the source had begun

Now there is nowhere to run

I stand trapped in the shadows of the towers like a hostage to a gun

Under aggravation and agitation

I burn and piss on the roots of this nation!

I refuse to surrender to the sea of apathy

No bullshit ballot or piss petition to control me

Nor shall I bow to failure for even in death my soul is kerosene to bur the fucking machine

Don’t you see your nation…

Won’t live forever but revolution cycles through reincarnation

Yes! The rage I feel is blind

But it is mine

It is mine

It is mine

It is mine

The Irony Of…. By Michael Lucas

The irony of your Obama peace sign bumper sticker on your “eco-friendly” SUV is enough to ruin my fucking morning

The cries of  a martyr’s mother

Is a requiem that haunts every nation

The explosions of falling bombs

Illuminating images of hopeless helpless

Hands holding candles

At the funeral marches

Of the victims of the drones

In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran

Each attack in the lands of sand

Burns the  conciseness deep

As the embers from the crosses left by the KKKlan

And no politician


Of those mindless clones

Will even budge to fucking apologize

In their soulless stoic tone

*dedicated to all who were martyred for the lies of glorious war, and obviously specifically dedicated to the victims of drone strikes. I hope this makes my liberal friends think about their “lesser evil”.

Maya Poem by Michael Lucas

Walking along the shores of this river in the lush jungle with the air as hot and thick as blood and the screeches of guacamaya bursting through the air…

By the river I see someone … and I start to faintly hear her hum… a lullaby in her tongue, that gorgeous native ancient tongue. She washes her clothes in the river along with the rest of what little garments she for her family and herself…her cracked, worn and wrinkled hands scrub away the same cloth over and over again. Then she picks up her pot for her family’s daily water, nothing has broke her from this daily routine that she has done for over two k’atuns nothing has ever broken this cycle…

Until now! As she hears the scream of a guacamaya as the bird swoops down over the river as if she is attacking her prey, the morning sun shines on her gorgeous green feathers, the color of long life, the shimmer of the primordial sea of the underworld that waters the axis mundi, the tree of all life! The mother’s pot hits the ground as she gasps and her eyes open wide like mirrors which reflect the descending bird.

Upon her wrinkled face ruined by the wheels of time bearing wrinkles and scars like the hieroglyphs carved upon an ancient stela, but even wiser. Breaks! And her jaw drops in awe with just as much expression as a scream. The bird swoops across before the women can even complete her gasp. She stands still with her wise elderly face in the same frozen expression. Then a thin red line appears across her neck from a mere microscopic cut from an obsidian blade, the red line rapidly grows into a gash until her head is only attached by a scrape of skin.

The flesh rips and her head falls to the ground… with her decapitated body still standing the silence is broken with the lullaby that she hummed…now it was louder than ever! The blood spotting wound explodes! With a fury of flowers blooming, lotuses that bloom into the beautiful white of a pale moonlight. Then snakes burst forth with scaly coats in myriad of colors…I look into the eyes of one of these creatures of wisdom and without words they tell me what I have witnessed. They speak, “She is a tree of life that bears eternal fruit…she has not died but she has transformed into the nutrients of the soul (why).”      

So, with tears of love filling my eyes overwhelmed with the passionate majesty of the sight. I ask myself, “Will the obsidian blade ever free my head from this body, my soul (why) from this world?”

Concrete Cocoons by Michael Lucas


The most bright and beautiful of butterflies I’ve ever seen

Lie trapped in concrete cocoons

Some lie in prison cells… others in tombs

Trapped and condemned in Hel’s womb

Their radiance and glory shine brighter than the pale moon

Illuminating and inspiriting like the wasp star in the night

Their colors shine so bright

Their cocoons are more dazzling than the wings of the ones in flight.

Casual Thought

By A.Page


Today I sat down to the newspaper [The Akron Beacon Journal] and began to scan over it.  Certain articles seemed to draw more of my attention– These articles primarily concerning Beasley’s case, the deficit, fracking, Colorado’s gun bill, and the a few segments under the “Voice of the People” section in the Akron Beacon Journal.  The common psychology behind nearly all of the cases: “What will the government do?”

From rape to gender identity more and more seems to rising to the hands of the government, and by who [we ask]? Well… The people themselves.  The sub-generation of nineteen to twenty-five year olds holds an almost conspirator-like rate of people who are convinced the government is one large conspiracy. Young adults from one side of the nation to the other and jumping at the chance to become involved, and moreover raising their voices to ail whichever cause.  At a glance, this can be refreshing.  However, the over-active vocal chords may [in my opinion]  be a cause, not the sole cause, to this rise of governmental control.  As more citizens step for an answer, they question the court, which of course leads… To the government being involved.

Where there are people , there are opinions, but where [may I ask] is the line drawn?  Though I believe equal opportunity should be displayed to all peoples, where should the line be drawn?  To propose a law to “declare” anything from transgender bathroom use, to the amount of pets that can be owned is ridiculous.  But is it the voice of the people who took it to the very extreme we seem to be fighting against?


What I am trying to get at is…


Though any issue can be empowering, concerning, or worth the dedication I believe that as peoples we should reach to the people, rather than the government.  The government works for and against us all, but most importantly for the reason that we are people who desire unity, a system, a cycle.  The government makes decisions based on the premeditated response of peoples [nationally and internationally], and what they have come to believe “is”. Change and inform the people, before insisting on any legislation.