2014 LOG

Creative Writing

An Ice Sculpture by David M. Myles

U by Don Shump

I Shall Not Die by Sean Swain

Untitled #2 By Bobby Bones

Dark Side of The Sun by Kentron of The Voltre Report

A Book Trade by Tyler Bohinc

Lecha Lecha by Mik’hael Vimont

Sounds of My Prison By Jason Campell

Selected Poems By Sean Swain

Living in the Shadow of Two Towers by Mike Lucas

The Irony Of… by Michael Lucas

Maya Poem by Mike Lucas

Concrete Cocoons by Mike Lucas

Born Broken by Matthew Davenport

An Open Letter to Time Magazine, From the Me Me Me Generation by Angel Mack

Untitled by Matthew Davenport

The Bird’s Nest by Nick Holland (A Short Story)

Social Awareness/ Journalism

‘Armed Mutiny’ by Annie Benson

The State Of The Union and Other Opinions by A.Page

Dreamcatchers by John Smith of Anchor the Moon



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